Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1 & 2 PG dan Essay

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1 & 2 PG dan Essay – Artikel contoh Masalah Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 tahun 2020-2021, SMA-MI-SMK, komplet dengan masalah PG – Essay, pelajaran IBI untuk semester 1 – 2.
Materi Bahasa Inggris kelas 12,,,, Mata pelajaran Bahasa inggris adalah mata pelajaran yang ada di SMA/MI/SMK negeri dan swasta kelas 12, semester 1 dan 2.
hingga ini sebagai pengetahuan yang pelajari mengenai kepandaian otak dalam berhabasa asing , pada kehidupan setiap hari.

Nach kami akan memberi Masalah bahasa inggris Kelas 12 tingkat SMA/MI/SMK.

Contoh Masalah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMA/MI/SMK Semester 1 dan 2 PG dan Essay

Contoh Masalah Opsi Double:

I. Jawablah secara benar beberapa soal berikut!

Masalah 1-2
A suporter of the National Education Law shows every driver who passes through the back gate of the House of Representatives complex in Senayan, Central Jakarta, a sign that reads “Pass the National Education Bill now”. Thousands of members of Islamic grups gathered outside the site on Tuesday to permintaan that the law be passed.
1. This section is about.
a. national education
b. Education Bill
c. Supporting bills
d. supportive idea
e. public request
Answer: c
2. “… so the invoice is missed” A word that is supported with almost its meaning.
a. speak up
b. discussed
c. approved by
d. was decided
e. more
Answer: c
Saol 3-5
Four men entered a mosque, each of them involved in Sholah and humbly prostrating before God. Each of them said “Allahu Akhbar” after first expressing their intentions and starting to pray humbly. Meanwhile, Mu’adhdhin enters and summons Sholah. The first man called Mu’adhdhin.
“Are you calling for prayer? Are you sure this is the right time?” replied, “Why are you talking? Tell yourself how to behave!” The fourth murmured, “Praise God! I am not part of their argumen.” Masalah solvers are more lost than people who make genuine mistakes. Remember that! Correct yourself before correcting others.
3. What did the four men do when they entered the mosque?
a. You sleep in a mosque.
b. You pray in humanity.
c. They talk to each other.
d. They called for SHOLAH (ADZAN).
e. You want to meet with Muadhdhin.
Answer: d
4. Why did the four men injure their DOA?
a. You talked during SHOLAH.
b. You sleep for SHOLAH.
c. Sholah before taking holy water (WUDLU).
d. Muadhdhin bothered him.
e. You were Sholah before.
Answer: b
5. What does the above teks especially convey to us?
a. Mu’adhdhin who calls for prayer.
b. Four men and their shola.
c. Four men who have never been Sholah.
d. Four men hiding in the mosque.
e. Mu’adhdhin in Sholah.
Answer: c
So all four broke their shola and wasted it. Debuggers are more lost than people who make mistakes. Remember that! Correct yourself before correcting others.
6. The sederhana form (Verb-1) of the underlined words is.
a. break-go-made
b. Let’s take a break
c. break-go-make
d. bankrupt – bankrupt
e. broken
Answer: e
7. You can see the monitor on the internet. The populer word for monitor is.
a. a television
b. a screen
c. a station
d. a screen
e. a recorder
Answer: a
8. Nadi: Can you help me write my English assignment?
Rudy: Sorry, I can’t tipe it on a komputer.
From the dialogue above we can conclude that.
a. Nadi will help Rudi.
b. Rudi can tipe on a komputer.
c. Rudi was very disappointed.
d. Rudy can’t tipe on a komputer.
e. Nadi is bahagia to ask Rudy.
Answer: c
9. The following sentence is a PASSIVE FORM, except.
a. A dog was killed by the boy.
b. Budi buys several books.
c. A letter was sent by Erna yesterday.
d. My mother bought several books at the pasar.
e. Princess is populer with everyone.
Answer: b
10. Eka: Gea, will you come to my party tomorrow?
Gea: I would love to come tomorrow.
The underlined sentence says.
a. Allow
b. sympathy
c. complaint
d. Application for acceptance
e. rejection request
Answer: d
11. The following sentence is used for rejection requests, except.
a. of course
b. reason
c. No, I will not
d. I am not afraid
e. Impossible
Answer: e
12. Faiz bought a TV last week.
The passive sentence form above is.
a. Faiz bought a TV last week.
b. A television was bought by Faiz last week.
c. Faiz bought a TV last week.
d. Faiz bought a TW set last week.
e. A television was bought by Faiz last week.
Answer: a
13. A: What do you think of this hotel servis?
B: ………………………………… (notification of complaint)
a. Thank you for the best servis.
b. I am satisfied with the servis of this hotel.
c. I am not at all satisfied with the servis of this hotel.
d. I will return anytime.
e. This is a very satisfying servis at this hotel.
Answer: c
14. Siti: What are your goals for learning English?
Eci: I want to improve English both verbally and in writing.
The synonym of the underlined word is.
a. Change
b. touched
c. purpose
d. Hurry up
e. limit
Answer: e
15. The noun form of HAPPY is.
a. Opportunities
b. With pleasure
c. happiness
d. happiness
e. With pleasure
Answer: d
16. The following pair of words are TRUE, except.
a. Ability
b. presence
c. Organize the organization
d. Accept can be accepted
e. Sad, sad
Answer: a
17. To understand the meaning of oaths, it is important to understand the Ramadan Fasting month.
The underlined word has the same meaning (synonym) as.
a. Required
b. Importance
c. difference
d. You’re welcome
e. famous
Answer: c
18. The main idea of paragraph 3 is that.
US forces killed Saddam in an attack on a villa.
a. Ebtanas / United Kingdom / 2004 6
b. Uday and Qusay killed US troops and Tony Blair.
c. Tony Blair attacks the villa where Saddam’s children are hiding.
d. Saddam was killed by Tony Blair and the United States in Saddam’s son’s villa.
e. The announcement of the death of Saddam’s son was welcomed by Tony Blair.
An Answer: e
19. Which pernyataan is correct according to the teks?
a. film The John Wayne is arrogantly presented to Bush.
b. Tony Blair receives “good news” about the deaths of Bush and Gephardt.
c. John Wayne is a film star who attacks Saddam’s son’s villa.
d. Richard Gephardt attacked Bush’s foreign kebijakan after Uday and Qusay died.
e. News of Uday and Qusay’s death came from the British and American governments bahagia
Answer: d
20. “The attack on the villa where Saddam’s children were hiding could be seen as a return journey
the poin. “(Paragraph 3)
The word attack has a meaning similar to.
a. An attack
b. rejected
c. Proteksi
d. Keep up
e. Interesting
Answer: a
21. “… Uday and Qusay were killed.
a. An Iraqi
b. Tony Blair
c. U.S. Armed Forces
d. John Wayne
e. Richard Gephardt
Answer: c
22. I want you to meet William with new students. He is from Australia.
Y: how are you
Z: ……..
a. How are you?
b. Hello, how are you?
c. Are you alright?
d. Nice to meet you too
e. See you later
Answer: a
23. X: I have to go to school, but look to the sky. The weather is very cloudy.
I think it will rain.
Y: ……..
a. A You do not bring an umbrella
b. BI needs to take an umbrella
c. You carry an umbrella
d. I can carry an umbrella
e. You have to bring an umbrella
Answer: e
24. Toni left Bandung this morning.
What are you saying.
a. I say, Toni goes to Bandung.
b. BI said that Toni would go to Bandung.
c. I say Toni will go to Bandung.
d. I say Toni goes to Bandung.
e. I say Toni will go to Bandung.
Answer: d

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